With God all things are possible as He works His purpose through faithful partners. We are therefore appealing to all who will help us with financial and other material support. We promise to honor and use all the resources that come to us to bless the children we love and care for. Our slogan is:“We Care for Children to Prosper.”




We send out barrels every three months full of clothes, shoes, toys, educational equipment, books and toiletries. Each bulk shipment totals $600/month. Want to sponsor a whole month or a partial an amount to shipping and handling? 


We partner with hospitals and medical facilities in Ghana to bring health screenings to villages every year. This consists of buying medical equipment for doctors/nurses, and providing service to   patients who need it the most.  We are currently offering aid in Covid-19 relief. Care to support our villages?


educational supplies

We travel from village to village giving away TMC branded notebooks, along with pencils, pens, pencil cases to schools all over the Ghanaian regions. Approximately  $400 per school is necessary to provide up to 500 students with basic school supplies. Want to sponsor a school? 


We collect new and used clothing to extend to the communities and villages in Ghana. Worn clothes are always washed when received, and new clothes are always ironed, folded and sent off. Would you like to donate any clothing to the TMC Foundation?


We are preparing to build and equip digital labs which would provide wifi and give children in the villages the space to learn about emerging technologies, while offering a safe space to hold workshops and classes that would provide hands-on instruction.  Want to learn how you can help?